Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update on conditions in Burundi

My colleague received an email with our friend in Burundi concerning what has been happening. Here is his letter:

Thank you for your email.  We are all well here in Burundi; my family and my ICCC Team. We have been working on the visit with my team and also with Bonaventure. We are ready to meet you.  We welcome you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We rejoice of your arrival. We do't have any problem. You don't cause us any  problem. We love you, we are excited by your work to serve our nation.The situation is quite good. Yes, we still have some problem. I wrote to Dale that your presence will be a part of the answer to our problems. We are waiting for your schedule of your workshop and for your visit in order to start to work on the practical aspects and details of your visit like date of arrival and depart, hotel reservation ….
(name omitted)

So, I guess things are ok on their end. Now to secure the funding!

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