Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going to make the rounds again!

My colleague Tim Stanske and I will be heading back to Burundi to plan for a teacher conference to be held in August. Tim has been back a couple times to video tape and record teachers performing in their classrooms in order to bring best teacher practices to the teachers of Burundi. The issue still up in the air is finances. Burundi is a very poor country and is unable to assist in bringing us to their country. If you are able, can you pray for the country of Burundi and the teachers so we may be able to raise the funds to bring them to the conference in August, and for future funding efforts.
Already, there have been other African countries interested for us to bring to them what we are proposing for the people of Burundi.
As I am writing this, it seems so long ago that I visited this country. I still see the faces of the children and the conditions they face each day. I am also thinking about the tragic earthquake that occurred in Haiti and the work that needs to be done there as well. Then my mind floats to other countries where other work can be accomplished. So much to do.

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