Friday, February 5, 2010

Much to do

In my last post, I plugged in a news article about a recent coup attempt in Burundi by military soldiers. Funny thing, I just added the article at the end of the post without really thinking about the implications. As I awoke, I was struck with what this means for the country, its people, and for efforts such as the one my colleague and I are wishing to do. If you didn't read the article, here it is:
My question is why does the BBC report this and our media hasn't mentioned a word? The same is true when I speak to people about Burundi. They know about the genocide in Rwanda, but not the genocide in Burundi.
Here is a story of a woman who needed to fight in order to survive:
Yes, my colleague Tim and I are still scheduled to travel to Burundi next month. There is much to do for current and former students. We are hoping to first focus on the current students from primary to secondary school. We are then hoping to build a gap within the current structure to assist in establishing "vocational" education for people not wishing to continue with their formal education.
Today, please offer your prayers and thoughts for the President and the country. It wasn't that long ago that over 300,000 were killed and many, those that I have personally spoken with, wish for peace to continue.

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