Monday, February 22, 2010


I can say that this past week has been quite stressful trying to secure airfare to Burundi. Unfortunately I will be unable to go to Burundi at the end of this week due to the lack of planning and there were a limited number of available flights. However, some funding has just been given! As it stands my colleague will be leaving to speak with the Burundi delegates.. without me.
I have started looking for flights in August (our time-frame for our conference) and already the prices are in the $2,500 range.
One word of caution for all out there: There are cheap ticket agencies on the web. However, understand that although they may offer a lower rate, they may not be able to secure you a ticket! That is what happened to me. Although the reservation was booked, they needed to finalize it with the airlines. It was the airline who responded that the rate was too low. So, for now, I am staying home.
Anyone have a private jet they can take me in? I'll pay for food!

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