Thursday, February 4, 2010


One of the most common issues that me as a "Westerner" confronts while going to Africa is being on "their" time. The last time we went, we didn't know exact dates until a couple weeks before when they would be available to meet. So, we needed to get our visas asap! I am hoping that this trip we will know exact dates this upcoming week. However, I understand that I am a guest and do behave properly. My dad would be proud.

Went to the doctors today to examine my injection records, and the PA wanted to know why I was going to Burundi. I shared with her the story, and she looked at me and said, that I "had a calling." I may have a calling, but each of us does. Each person on this planet has a calling to do something greater than themselves. What's yours?

My shots are still good, just need more malaria pills. Plus, this time of year, I get to face warmer weather and rain:
Next issue to be patient about? Airlines and airfares.

Also, if you wish to find out why my colleague and I are doing this, the President of Burundi, is serious about education:

However, just this past week, soldiers were arrested for trying to start a type coup:

Do pray and keep the country in your thoughts!

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