Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 1

To be on three continents in one day is, well, tiring. Going across the equator for the first time is also something to imagine. As we past through the continent of Africa and seeing the landscape for the first time, I was reminded of the many documentaries, movies, and shows about Africa. Since I was a young boy, images of this country have been in my mind, though I never would have thought I would be seeing it first hand.
The flights went ok, except for some jiggling going to Detroit. One piece of luggage we were carrying for a person in Nairobi got lost, so we were unable to get to our hotel until 12am last night. We were then the victims of the old bait and switch by the taxi driver who quoted us one price then told us another price when we arrived at the hotel. Oh well. What were we going to do except to be more careful.
As we go to Burundi today I am reminded of the landscape once again. However, now I see faces and not just the animals that were shown on Wild Kingdom. There are young people we are going to assist with this venture. I pray for the wisdom to assist.

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