Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting prepared

Along with going to Burundi, my colleague and I will be stopping over in Kenya to possibly visit with Biola students and other people. Also, I have been on the waiting list for my yellow fever shot for about 3 weeks now. Many county Dept. of Health offices just don't carry any! Tomorrow I will see if I can get a shot from another place but I need to go through a "counseling" session to see if I need the shot. I believe if the CDC says I need the shot, I need the shot.

The more I think about traveling to Burundi and not knowing what to expect, the more anxious I become. I do understand in theory the need to assist this country but cannot fathom what I will be seeing. I also understand the need to give all things up to the Lord and not to be anxious on anything (Matt. 6: 25-34). So I continue to think about the people of Burundi and what is in store, praying for the wisdom to assist.

Now to only get my last shot and my visa!

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